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Sunday, November 22, 2009

We had previously paddled along this coastline, in early Spring, but the sea conditions at that time had kept us from investigating the shoreline at a close range. The intention for this one-day trip was to hug the coast closely and explore its deep sea caves and sheer cliffs as far as Orchid Bay ...

Tony's summation of the day:

Looking back through the photos brings home just how great these little kayaking adventures are ... paddling down the coast and into sea caves that fully engulf, the sucking and crashing of waves resonating all around, seeing and smelling the sunburnt and stenching carcass of one of the biggest mammals on earth washed up on the rocks, snorkelling through a white water sea arch and into the deep blue beyond with its kaleidoscope of fish, climbing cliffs and trekking through the bush looking for aboriginal engravings, stumbling upon fossils, then snorkelling again in a beautiful sheltered cove, cooking up sea food on a camp fire, snorkelling some more amongst schools of garfish, whiting, bream, sweep, trumper fish, blackfish,etc etc, getting thrown left, right and centre by a choppy wind-driven sea, and just barely escaping the clutches of a howling nor-westerly change.

Departure point: Currarong.
Luke / Tony / Julian / Derek

Beecroft Head.

Sea eagle.

Humpback whale carcass.